Private addiction center


The LIFESPRING private clinic is a specialized rehab clinic for the treatment of substance-related addictions. This distinguishes it from many of its competitors, who only deal with the subject of addiction alongside numerous other psychosomatic clinical pictures. The approach is: Every addiction is based on a multifactorial disease process. In order to get such a complex disease under control, specialists are needed. The private clinic therefore employs a team of experts specializing in substance-related addictions, comprising medical specialists, psychologists, therapists and nurses, all of whom are experienced in dealing with addiction patients.

“Specialized in substance addictions” specifically means that Lifespring Private Clinic offers qualified withdrawal from alcohol, cocaine, medications and opioids.

That’s because addiction is not just addiction. Dependence on substance addictive substances, for example, brings with it specific peculiarities in the area of withdrawal symptoms and possible concomitant diseases. So it’s good to be specialized and well versed in these particularities.

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